Keep your hand on the pulse of your parents
…wherever you would be

HeartWatcher is a convenient and informative
blood pressure monitoring system
for early detection of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs)
1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women have hypertension that will likely lead
to Cardiovascular Diseases
World Health Organization
CVDs are the number 1 cause
of death globally (a third of all cases)

World Health Organization
Ischemia and Strokes
are the most likely ones

Early diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases can save lives and will provide comfortable living for people with hypertension and CVDs.
People use a tonometer but it only shows three parameters – upper and lower blood pressure and a pulse.
Product description
Прибор "Пульс жизни"
HeartWatcher does not interfere with the standard tonometer's processes and does not change receiving parameters on its screen. HeartWatcher just picks up signals in parallel with the tonometer.
We have developed algorithms that can help diagnose symptoms of dangerous heart and blood vessels diseases.

Our intermediate device is inserted between the cuff and the main body of a tonometer and registers additional signals such as cuff pressure oscillations arising from a pulse wave.

Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols, via Mobile App in your smartphone, the device communicates with our cloud server where the received signals are processed.
Экран приложения "Пульс жизни" о текущем состоянии пользователя

However, HeartWatcher will make your electronic blood pressure monitor a much more informative device.

As before, you go on with your standard measuring process but in addition to the regular three parameters (upper and lower blood pressure and the heart rate); you will receive a lot more of various medical information.

Our algorithms will determine your stress level, predisposition to cardiovascular diseases and collect your pressure measurement's history.
Экран приложения "Пульс жизни" об уровне стресса и предрасположенностях к заболеваниям сердечно-сосудистой системы
Экран приложения "Пульс жизни" с настройками уведомлений

Moreover, you can configure the service to receive notifications of measurement results of your parents and other close ones to monitor their health wherever you would be.

Main Benefits
Health monitoring at a whole new level
Provide a lot more medical information and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
Measurements using your regular tonometer. Receive results on your smartphone screen or on the website in your account dashboard
Caring for your loved ones
Constant monitoring the result of your mother or grandmother, take action or consult with a doctor
Received signals processing
We use advanced algorithms based on our patents created by The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology scientists and practicing doctors.
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